Complete workflow automation for high volume ticket sellers, tour operators and cruise companies

What airQuest is...

airQuest is a complete, fully automated system for air fare maintenance, selling, booking file handling and accounting/reconciliation, regardless of ticket type (e.g. net, nego, published, low cost). Any company with high volume air sales can benefit from this automation system. airQuest is being used by large, demanding consolidators and ticket factories.

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The AMADEUS (Germany) net fares distribution system "FareWizard" is based on airQuest technology.
proQuest, the company behind the airQuest system, has been in the air ticket market for many years. We have expert programmers with detailed air fare knowledge, international market knowledge and a reputation for customer oriented support and customer-driven development.

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airQuest's components

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Cheapest available Fares

Multi GDS

Net, IATA + Nego Fares

B2B / B2C

+Multiple Sales Channels
+Call Centre
+Office Support
+Multi Company / Brand
+Internet Frontend
+SAP Accounting
+Validating Business Rules
+Email, Fax
+GDS integrated
+Integration of airQuest
+ Booking Engine

+Up to 10.000 tickets per day
+Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan
+Net, IATA + Nego fares
+E-tickets, Satellite Ticket printers on all GDS
+Workflow Control
+Integration of airQuest Office and IBE

How airQuest works

Installation and Set-up
airQuest can be installed on premise at the tour operator, consolidator office, data centre or even in the cloud.

Booking Input
Air bookings/ticket orders can be received through multiple channels, e.g. from Internet Booking Engines, GDS-queues, Webservices, XML import or manual input. The bookings are stored and maintained in a booking file management system, called airQuest Office.

Quality Control
The airQuest Factory module controls the ticketing process. The Factory performs QC checks at defined instances to make sure that the ticketing rules are adhered to. This is an essential step to achieve high quality automated production as well as reduce errors and ADMs.

The airQuest Factory prepares the ticket for production by adding the required ticket data fields (e.g. tour codes, black horse, fare basis). After defined pre-ticketing checks have been completed (quality, payment, business rules), the ticket can be automatically created or placed on a queue “ready to ticket“. Parallely to the ticketing process, the system can handle payment, create itineraries, invoices, etc. and email, fax or print these.

Accounting, Reporting & Reconciliation
After the ticketing process, the airQuest system feeds data off to accounting systems (e.g. SAP or Oracle) and into a data warehouse where the sales and ticketing information can be used to create customised reports. Data is also used for reconciliation purposes, e.g. BSP / ARC.


Mass Production
Efficient production of up to 10.000 airline tickets per day with airQuest Factory.

airQuest is the automation system, using "Agentelligence", for fully automated processes from reservation to ticketing and post-ticketing accounting/reconciliation.

All Fares at a glance
Net, published, upfront discount, commission overwrite, nego, corporate, private fares, lowcost and NDC fares shown in one single display.

Almost every Air Fare
airQuest quotes, compares, checks availabilities, books, validates and tickets almost every air fare on the market.

SAP Backoffice Interface
This interface allows integration in enterprise systems.

Integrated and fully automated
airQuest is a complete solution, fully automated from the point of enquiry to ticketing.

Tickets on any Ticket Stock
Print your tickets on ARC, BSP, charter, SATA and own ticket stock. Issue tickets centrally or via satellite ticket printers. Fully supports e-tickets.

Multi Channel
Runs multiple companies or brands with different product features and calculations on one central platform.

Developed for international use with market input from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany, airQuest is a truly international product.

airQuest has a support desk staffed with English-speaking net fares experts to support customers on the level that they require.

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In respectable society

Reference customers include major European tour operators TUI, DER and FTI, major cruise companies Aida and Costa and the leading GDS Amadeus.

proQuest, the company behind the airQuest system, has been in the air ticket market for many years. We have expert programmers with detailed air fare knowledge, international market knowledge and a reputation for customer-oriented support and customer-driven development.



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